φ12mm waterproof pushbutton switch

     Usually we use the switch pushbutton, according to the shape of the head, contact structure, operation type, can be divided into many products. For example, a round key button, a large mushroom button, a square button with a light, and the like. This article discusses the classification of the switch pushbutton and how to properly select what we need.

    One: head shape

    There are two points here:

    1. The shape of the button is actually the edge part of the button. It can be divided into a flat circle, a high flat circle, a convex circle, a high convex circle, and a spherical lamp.

    2. The entire head shape can be mainly divided into: round, square, and rectangular. More special is the large square, large rectangle.

    Two: operation type

    switch pushbutton

    According to the waterproof switch pushbutton, the main basis is divided into the following:

    1: IP67 waterproof type, anti-corrosion type, explosion-proof type, etc.

    2: Waterproof switch pushbutton: In fact, it is a flat button with indicator light, in addition to line control, there are instructions. It is mostly used on the panel of the control cabinet and console.

    3: Flat button: only ordinary button, no light, there is a self-resetting button / self-locking button.

    4: Mushroom button: Sometimes it is also divided into head shape, because its head is similar to mushrooms, hence the name.

    5: Rotary handle button: On the basis of the knob, add a rotary handle for more convenient operation, operation outside the cabinet, etc.

    6: Emergency stop button: Generally used to cut off the power supply in emergency, the most common example is the emergency stop switch on the fire hydrant.

    7: Knob: Also make a selection button, rotate the operation contact by hand, there are two positions on and off, generally panel mounted.

    8: Key button: The shape of the head is a key hole, which needs to be inserted before the relative key can be rotated. It can prevent misuse or for someone to operate.

    Three: the remaining division

    For the contact structure, the type of the lamp and the difference of the color of the head are mainly presented as differences in appearance, and generally do not affect the selection.

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