Four pins metal push button welding precautions

     1. Hand soldering: metal push button temperature control at 200 ° C, welding time is about 10 seconds

    metal push button

    2. Wave soldering: temperature control at 130 ° C, metal push button welding time is about 2 seconds metal push button due to small size and light weight waterproof metal Push button has been widely used in household appliances such as: audio and video products, digital products, remote controls, communication products, household appliances, security products, toys, computer products, fitness equipment, medical equipment, counterfeit pens, laser pointers and many more. Most of the metal push buttons of electrical appliances are now replaced by conductive rubber or patch metal push button hardware shrapnel, such as computer keyboards, remote controls, etc. Ultra-thin metal push button up to 400m3. Switch frequently switching rated current: maximum 150mA4. Insulation resistance: metal push button minimum 100m.

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