how to buy an OEM metal pushbutton switch

     1. What’s the mounting hole diam you need? We can offer 8/12/16/19/22/25/28/30/40mm for a selection.
    Attention! There is two diam as below picture -thread bushing diam & top panel diam, pls mind the difference between top panel diam and thread bushing diam.Usually the mounting hole diam means to the thread bushing diam,. Can you confirm your required diam is the thread bushing diam or top panel diam? 

    2.With or without an LED light?

    3.If with an LED light, what’s the LED color and what’s the LED voltage?
    LED color can be red/blue/yellow/orange/green/purple/white, which color you need? LED voltage can be 3V/6V/12V/24V/110V/220V, which LED voltage you need? What’s the LED type, ring LED light or dot led light or engraving back lighted or ring LED light plus engraving back lighted?

    4.What’s the button material and what’s the bushing material? There is stainless steel or Nickel plate brass or Aluminum plated, is switch button and switch bushing with the same material?

    5.What’s the button color and what’s the bushing color? There is original stainless steel color or original nickel plate brass color or Brass plated gold color or original Aluminum color or Aluminum plated black or other more Aluminum plated colors? Is button and bushing with the same color? 

    6.Latching function or momentary function? Latching is self-lock, push to switch on, push again to switch off; momentary is no lock, push and hold to switch on, release to switch off.

    7.1NO 1NC or 2NO 2NC?

    8.Is there any engraving on the button? Is the engraving back lighted or not? Offer your engraving design for our work.

    9.Flat button or high flat button or round button?

    10.Solder terminal or screw terminal or wiring leads? If solder terminal, silver color terminal or gold color terminal?

    11.The panel thickness means to the thread length, What’s the panel thickness you need? what’s the whole switch depth or whole switch length you need? Pls specify if you have any special requirement about these dimensions?

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