How to know rocker switch led

    Rocker switch led related noun definition
    A switchgear that closes or disconnects one or more circuits by means of separable contacts.
    Rocker switch led (mechanical)
    A mechanical rocker switch that can carry current under specified circuit conditions (including specified operating overload conditions), load and break currents, and under specified abnormal circuit conditions (such as short circuits). Led electrical.

    rocker switch led

    Conductive part
    Not necessarily used to carry the working current, but can pass to the part of the current.
    Live part
    Conductors or conductive parts with a point in normal use, including neutral conductors, but by convention, do not contain protective grounding neutrals.
    Rocker switch led pole
    Only the switch portion associated with an electrically independent conductive path in the switch.
    power switch button
    The operating member of such a switch is a button, and if it is necessary to change the contact state, the button must be pressed.
    Note: The switch can be fitted with one or more actuators.
    Rocker switch led
    The rocker switch led is also called a wave switch. Its structure is the same as that of the toggle switch, except that the button handle is replaced by a ship type. The rocker switch led is often used as a power switch for electronic devices. Its contacts are divided into single-pole single-throw and double-pole double-throw, and some switches also have indicator light

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